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Masters of Egyptian Choreography

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Award Winning Documentary

Dancers of Cairo

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NS Enterprises is committed to producing products that are interesting, educational, beautiful, and yet very empowering for women. We will invest and produce projects that we deem relatively low-risk but of high quality and content. The company plans to produce projects that will return the companys equity investment in entirety through DVD, TV, non-theatrical, and other ancillary markets in the area of instructional DVDs, rich in content. The low budget level will maximizes production value while still insuring a modest profit potential. We don't limit ourselves; our products include documentaries, instructional DVDs, and music CDs. Additionally, we intend to maximize the potential upside on our investments by selling the project at the optimal time. We believe that much of our success will be due to the fact that we will never stray from our model of making projects that are low-risk ventures based on the concrete planning and attachments in place, as well as the fact that we will use a case-by-case analysis of each project to maximize the upside and strike it big when we do produce a large-scale hit.

Producing Philosophy:

We believe that the most effective way to maximize the companys potential is to produce projects in which we guide the project making process from start to finish. By having the ability to lead the entire production, we can make the necessary decisions to best manage the return on our investment. This includes directing the development process, taking the script through production, finishing the project in post-production, and finally licensing our product to potential distributors or self distributing ourselves.. We believe that we can guide the project through production making decisions that both straddle the creative and financial realities of a particular project. In our view, this process begins at the development stage. The company can make use of its own equipment including full camera package, as well as skilled director of photography. Michael Chambliss is our in house production manager, who would organize the physical production of each shoot. In addition, our in house editor will insure our turnaround from production to post production will not only be quick but also cost effective. Shooting schedules could be limited to two-day shoots and limited our overall production costs. We would strive to use real locations and not high end studio space.