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Masters of Egyptian Choreography

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Award Winning Documentary

Belly Dancers of Cairo

Belly Dancers of Cairo   Included are exclusive interviews and dance footage of Dina, Nagwa Fuad, Lucy, Samasem, Nagwa Sultan, and more!!
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The art of bellydance is an ancient and much loved tradition in the Middle East. The dancers are frequently invited to perform at many celebrations, mostly weddings, where they symbolize fertility and joy.
This documentary provides a unique look into the lives of these most unusually strong women. Born into a world where a woman is expected to be covered and demure, they achieve independence and wealth by taking great risks and expressing their sensuality and femininity through their art.
It also explores the controversial question of prostitution, which is how most dancers are regarded in Middle Eastern the history of Oriental Dance, and its decline as a result of growing religious conservatism in the Middle East.


Stills from the Documentary